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I have become aware of things that most people have heard about. But pass off as being novel. One of these gifts I have found that I posses strongly. I will talk about that and others here.

Now I have always been able to control my tempature. I could just think heat and I would warm up. And when making skin on skin contact, there was almost always enough heat to produce sweat. Now there are people who are just naturaly warm bodied. So none of this ever seemed out of the ordinary. There was the creating the heat by just willing it. But that was just me I thought. Another thing about me is that I have always been very healthy. Very rare was it that I would get sick. And when I did it would be gone within days. Never had a migraine and headaches were few. If I got one, laying down for an hour took care of it. My eyesight is another courious thing. At one time it was 20/20 20/40. Meaning one eye was normal and the other a bit off. Now it is 20/15 20/20. Which means since I have gotten older it has improved. I have a positive attitude and usualy people around me cheer up. Now none of these things stand out really. But during the Ren Fest one night on the drive home, Jacque wanted me to hold her arm for my Chi. She had always like it when I was close to her or touching her. She had said she needed my energy. I did as she asked because it made her feel better. But this night I held my hand above her wrist. And I could feel an energy like a field of static. As time went by it actualy felt like there were sparks between my hand and her wrist. This is when I realized there was something to what she had been saying. That I was able to pass some kind of energy to her.

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