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Don't know what a word means? Or how to pronounce it? This is the place to go to find out  any word you need. The best online dictionary I have found.

Here's a link to a site that I use to find out everything I want to know about music. Who did what song on what album and when it was released.

My best friend's site

For some of the best Dip and Soup mixes, check out Gigi Ann's. They have a booth at the Renaissance Festival each year. But if you can't wait for something to put your chip in, then see there online site.

One of my favorite magazines and with two cool movies Heavy Metal is a must visit site. There is fantasy art work and merchandise. Worth a look see if you are into Sci-fi and fantasy.

Here is a cool site. Can't wait to find someone to wear some of this stuff. Not only sexy but fun, bubble wrap used to make clothes and lingerie.

Here are some more site's with fun and fooling around in mind. From lotion's to clothing and cards. If you want it, you will find it on one of these sites. Or if you are looking for way's to spice up your night. You will find many idea's on these sites.

If you have an Oldsmobile, then you will want to go here for all your engine need's. You want to build it, Mondello will tell you how and give you the parts.

If you need a book or Manual for your car wether it be a classic or new one. Check out Classic Motor Books.

For some nice body jewlery check out this site.

My favorite movie Heavy Metal was released back in 1980. Here is a link to the Sony site about the movie.