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Feast  Of  Fantasy

A seven course feast with two hours of the finest entertainment.

Wedge of Brie Topped with Dried Fruit Compote with Sweet Vermouth
Harvest Grain Portabella Mushroom
Wedge of Lettuce Topped with Grape Tomatoes, Baton Croutons, Lime and Served with a Creamy Chipotle Caesar Salad Dressing.
Salmon Cake served with a Smetana Sauce and Garnished with Capers
Chocolate Espresso Cake Topped with Brandy Toffee Sauce and White Ganache
*Menu subject to change on chef's whim


Somewhere not too far from this sign you will find me. located between the Fencing booth and the Pony rides. Near the Climbing Tower and entrance to the Jousting Track.

There are lot's of things to see and do everyday at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. One of my favorite specialty acts to see daily is The Tortuga Twins show.Hopefully they will be back again this year. The Fest is a world of it's own. Especially for the people who work there. For some it is just a way to spend the weekend. Have some fun and make some money. For others it is how they make there living. They spend 10 months a year traveling from place to place. Making and selling there wares or performing for tips.

Mark's In-Site
Renaissance Festival
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Here is a bit of insite to  some of the people and thing's that go on for a month and a half of my weekend's in the fall.


Here I am amidst the crowd on a typical day of fun at the Fest. --->


Most belive, to a certain degree in the Metaphisical world. And bring it with them into the Fest. From witches to honorable knights, there are many intresting people to be found at the Fest.

This is me at work at the Fest. I have had the pleasure to do volunteer work for La Jeanne. She has been at the Minnesota Renaissanc Festival for over twenty years. I have spent the past five with her and looking forward to many more. I bought most of my costume at the fest. But I made the vest myself and will be working on a cloak this summer. Come and stop by and say hi! Edit


To the left is my friend Jacque. She loved working at the Fest. She helpped me and La Jeanne at the tent. It was great fun and hope to have her help out again. If you want to help just e-mail me and I will get you in contact with La Jeanne.

My friend that works at the reptile zoo


My Daughter Bailey
She is out at fest almost every weekend. And can be found wandering around onsite.

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