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My friend in Colorado

This is my friend Venessa, whom I have known for year's. I met her by chance online one night. We have had many talks about our lives online while she was at work and me at home. I have gone to Golden once to visit her and she showed me all the sites. I miss our chat's about life now that she has a hard time getting online at work and I keep different hour's at work. But she is very dear to me and try to keep in touch.

My friend Jenn, who has been in my life for a few years now. She even came out for a season at the fest.
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Below are pictures of friends, family, my toy's and me.

My Friend Jacque

This is my best friend Jacque. With whom I hang out with quite a bit. I go roller skating with her and have lot's of fun when she is around. She has many gift's and is always there for me. She is a writer and artist, full of dreams and insight. She has a way of keeping me honest and inline, lol. Visit her site by clicking on her picture!

My Friend Jes

Ah my friend Jes. We have had many discussions and debates. A creative thinker and a charmer for sure. We have known each other for about three years now. And even though she is always busy with work we have stayed in touch. A dear friend forever.

My friend Mike "Chain"
Click on his picture to visit his web page

My friend Linda

This is my friend Linda. I met her this year(02) when she made a trip to MN. We have a few thing's in common and chat online. She is very upbeat and has vision's of making a place in this world. Where people can come together and share themselves spirtualy. Best of luck with RainsRealm Linda!

My Friend Jackie

Jackie lives down in the southeast corner of our state. Which means it is rare that we get to hang out together. But when we do it is always fun! We share the same taste in music and food. She likes to go out dancing and can burn up a dance floor. A Teacher that is thoughtful and sweet, with a bit of a wild side. We have been friend's for a couple of years and I am sure we will be for many more.

To the left is my best friend from my past. We have known each other forever. We met in High School and for some reason we bonded. We could almost read each others mind. And when we put our mind's to something nothing was impossible. We went through many life changing event's together. We had a falling out that hurt us both. But I will always consider him my friend. He has a permanent place in my heart


This is my Motorcylce. It was my fathers, which he bought back in 1969. It has 6,700 mile's on it. He drove it for some time with his friend's and then it sat in the garage for years after. I use to sit on it and pretend I was driving it down the road. I now have it and all it need's to be back on the road is a new wiring harness and some rebuilding. It will be great to give my kid's a ride on it like my Dad did with me. Ahhh the memories.

My Baby My Baby

This is my baby, a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 with the w25 ram air hood. With a 370 horsepower, 455 cubic inch engine. 3.32 differential and dualgate shifter. I bought it for 2,000 down in Indiana. Drove it back and have been fixing it up since. I have overhauled the 400 turbo transmission and the exaust system. Replaced the spring's and bushing's in the rearend. All that is left is the Engine, that is being rebuilt now as money permit's. And the body work which is minimal. I have done all the work myself and will do most on the engine too.