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My Perfect Woman
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more to come....

To me the alluring and important part of a woman is her face. Within a woman's face you can see many facet's of her personality. How she smiles when she is happy. How her eye's sparkle when she look's at you. Or how they open wide with surprise. When her brow drop's and her eye's narrow. The sides of her soft lip's slightly curl up.Which is her seductive look that is so inviting and drives you wild. A woman's face is what I will be looking into for the rest of my life. The rest of a woman body may change. But her face will remain relatively unchanged. So if I find her face attractive, soothing, exciting and caring. I know I will want to behold it every day.
Now, on the features of a woman's body. I am pretty varied on my likes. I prefer brunettes, but have been attracted to a few blondes and red heads. But for the most part, dark hair is my favorite. As for length, the longer the better. I like to run my fingers through it. To give head messages and play with it. I love having it draped all around us. With her head above mine. Her hair making a curtain, cutting off the outside world. Leaving only us to become lost in each other.
On to the body. This may be the hardest to describe. Height should be shorter than mine (about5'5" or less). Now if they have long leg's and a shorter upper body. Then they could be taller. I like to cuddle so it is important that they fit together with me. With her in front of me and I am surrounding her with my arm's and body. To keep her safe and warm. Well, that's the feeling anyway.
Weight Hmmm.....this is a hard one to answer. I like my women to be curvy. Now you can be curvy at 90 to 250 pounds. It is a matter of proportions. As long as a woman has a firm body and is somewhat athletic. I will find her attractive and interesting. Now if I were to say whether I was a breast man or butt, it would have to be both. I love skin. The skin that covers a woman's neck. That I love to kiss and run my tongue over. The skin that is on her back. That I love to run my fingers over and message. The skin that surrounds her breast's. That I love to hold, caress and kiss. to lick and suck on her nipples.The skin that covers her stomach. That I love to run my hands across. To kiss and lick my way southward. The skin that covers a woman's butt. To hold and grab. To slide up against when it is wet and salty. The skin that covers the leg's. That I love to move my hands across. To hold and squeeze in the heat of the moment.
That about covers it. The outside of a woman. The real mystery lies within her heart, soul and mind. Where in the key to my true happiness resides.
On to the mind. I want someone who is creative. By this I mean a woman that sees the world full of wonderful thing's. Who can see something and build on the idea. Make something from nothing and appreciate it for what it has become. To be full of thought's and idea's. A woman who is open minded. Someone who is open to all thing's the world and people have to offer. Also adventurous, to partake in the world around her. To try everything that she want's and share her partner's enthusiasm in what he want's to do. An individual who can stand on her own.
A relationship is the merging of two lives into three. Hers, his, and theirs. A woman who can keep sight of herself while acknowledging her man's independence.
The funny part about all of that I have written here. Is that the woman I fall in love with and falls in love with me. Will not fit all that I have described here. She may not fit any of it. But this is what I like and only to be used as a guide.