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This is where I will write thing's that I observe or thing's that come to mind. I am not a poet so do not consider it poetry. I am not a writer either, but do see thing's I would like to share.

A Thought: If we are all made up of equal parts...Then the price we pay for hating others, is loving ourselves less

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia
This was sent to me by my friend Deborah

We affect everyone around us. With what we say or do. The people in line at the super market. The person behind the counter at your favorite store. Even the people you pass on the street. Remember that the next time you feel good, pass it along with a smile or kind word. And the next time you feel bad be a bit more understanding when others seem down. It's easier than you think to keep a positive attitude. And everyone around you will benefit from it.

Open Mindedness:
 To me it means When you not only see things from your perspective, but others as well. Being open to new ideas and understanding thoes ideas.
But from the way some people use it I am not sure they understand it. Being unacepting of others because of how they look, act, dress or their race is a closed minded person. We all have thing's we will or won't do. But to look down on someone else because they do the thing's you don't is close minded. Some people see open minded as simply being exposed to new thing's. But without being aware of the thought or idea behind it. They are left with a one sided view of the world unknown to them.
Now having an opinion about something is fine, and I would like to hear your's. But don't hide behind saying your open minded when you see the world from only your view.

Being Alone

Lately, I have a few friend's who are feeling alone. It's part of the human condition. We are all drawn to the comfort of human companionship. Each person has their own level of how close they want their partner in their life. From having to see someone every day and being held by them. To know that their every thought is about you. Then there is the level where you want to talk every day but can go without seeing each other daily and so on... All the way to where just knowing their is someone out there that cares about you.
No matter what level you want someone in your life it is hard to be alone. But what is being alone? Is it simply not having a boyfriend or girlfriend? If so, then why do we have friend's and family? Now I am not a clingy person so my view may be a bit too general for those people. But I do want someone to be there for me and to love me.
Now I have friend's that I can call most anytime to talk to. Someone who can share their thought's and days event's. Someone I can complain to and get idea's from on most things. The older friends know me well enough to provide me with insight into myself. The newer ones provide me with the fun and excitement of getting to know someone.
Now with any luck we are loved by family. Our Mothers and Fathers, Grandparent's, sibling's and more. They are always there no matter how much we screw up. They may judge us and lecture us. They will tell you what they think and feel even if it hurt's us. They provide us with the honesty and support we need without the worry of losing them from our lives.
These are the qualities we hope for in a partner. Although they are not wrapped up nicely in one package. We do posses them in our lives. So while we do not have that special someone in out life. We should turn to those who can fill that void. No, I do not like being alone, but this is what I do to get by.
My friends are there for me when I need them. And I hope they know I am there for them as well. Sometimes it can mean just a look and a smile from them is all I need to feel better. Other times they have been there to reassure me that all will be fine. And let me use there shoulder to cry on as it were. I thank them for that.
Now I know, believe me I know, that this still leaves intimacy. The best part of having that someone special :-) Well there are several solutions to this one. I will leave it up to you to figure out how to take care of it.
OK, so now what to do with all this time you will have to yourself. Well, I always have something to fix or build. So when I find myself sitting and feeling restless I fix thing's. If you have a hobby now is the time to get back into it. Or better yet start a new one. Now the best part of a hobby is sharing it. So here is the time to find new friend's with the same interests. Also a good time to do some soul searching. Just who are you and where are you in life? What do you want to do and change? You know, ponder the big question's.
Most of all remember that you will find your soul mate. And that all the decision's you make along the way guide you to them. Be true to yourself and don't fear the unknown. We all have a purpose in life. And the event's that take place prepare us for the time we are to be together with someone else.

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